Celebrate life!

Feel total freedom to fully be yourself. Awake, conscious, aware, and present in the here and now. Your body is your most sacred temple. In the course you will learn to experience yourself as a unique and loving being. In Tantra, it is not 'bodies touching bodies', but ‘Buddhas meeting Buddhas’. We learn to make connections on an energetic level, from heart to heart. Chakras will be opened and balanced.

The exercises and meditations are aimed at awakening feminine (shakti) and masculine (shiva) energy, combining them into prana, life energy, which brings balance, non-duality and unconditional love.
- to open yourself to give and receive;
- to look beyond the illusion of the physical body and into the deeper layers of yourself and your surroundings;
- to experience the feeling of unconditional love for yourself and others;
- to see the Divine in yourself and others;
- to open yourself fully and in confidence, able to embrace the present moment.
- to make heart connections, deepening the consciousness and awareness of the here and now.
The many aspects of our being are explored in a playful manner and in a safe environment of love and acceptance of all that is.

The course encourages you to live your full potential and to celebrate life. Let go of your fears, relax, and experience total freedom by embracing your true self!


Tantra as a way to enlightenment

The focus of Tantra is on self-realization and the attainment of enlightenment in the experience of cosmic unity. The lessons and exercises are aimed at this.
- Getting in touch with and perfecting your feminine and masculine energies.
- To strengthen and then elevate the life energy (kundalini) by activating the higher chakras and by experiencing this union.

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Course content

Our Tantric flavour is pink, we are not totally on the white side of the Tantric path, nor on the red side, but somewhere in the middle;-).
This course is characterized by a range of practical exercises, supported by theory.

Theoretical topics cover:
- Tantra within the Yogic system
- The place of human beings within the universe
- Sexuality and social taboos
- Chakra science in the Tantric system
- Tantric lovemaking, shiva - shakti - kundalini energy

Practical exercises:
- Hatha yoga and duo yoga classes, focused on Tantric energy work
- Tantric massages (with sari/sarong or no clothes)
- Tantric rituals and meditations
- The art of making contact, intimacy and energy work
- Active meditations (Osho), chakra meditations

Originally, Tantra was first taught on an individual basis. Only after years of practice did students come into contact with others. We live in a totally different time. Therefore, in this course, we practice both individually, with a partner (alternating your own gender and the opposite gender), and there are also excercises where the whole group is involved.
You go home with practical luggage that you can apply in your daily life.

Daily scedule

There is 5 to 6 hours Tantra program per day.
Enjoy silence before 10am.
10.00 - 12.30 morning program
12.30 lunch
15.00 - 17.00 afternoon program
18.30 dinner
During the evenings (from 21.00) take advantage of a varied range of activities including Tantric massages and sauna.

Throughout the course there is one afternoon free of programm to enjoy the surroundings. We are here to answer your questions the whole day. Most importantly, you will find mental space to process what has been learned during the day.
On the final evening, there is a joint conclusion to the course, and breakfast is provided the next morning before leaving for home.


Who is the training for?

People who wants to grow spiritually in Tantra are naturally interested in the fundamental questions of life. Tantra nurtures your interest in sexuality, intimacy, love and deepening of consciousness, in life and your ambitions in becoming a whole human being. Often, those who seek Tantric training have already begun a process of healing, and find that Tantra can support them further on their spiritual path.

The course is suitable for both singles and couples. People who are new in Tantra as for those with more experience, because anyone can make a step further. The aim is to achieve a balanced composition of men and women within each course group. The course welcomes singles and couples and is beneficial for both. (there are generally more women than men who subscribe).

Feel safe, feel free!

- You always have the freedom not to participate in lessons, or just partly, or less intensively.
- There is no special dress code. Make sure you don't have problems with nudity.
- There will be no sexual acts or sexual contact. Because we work with sexual energy, we create a safe environment in which we can explore and experience all our human feelings and emotions. These energies we then transform into more refined energies, opening higher chacras and developing spiritual growth to higher states of consciousness.


The Tantra Yoga course in France is delivered by yoga teacher Wim Molinello and his life partner for the last 23 years Patricia Benjamins.



Arrival saturday 13th of May 2017 between 4 and 8 pm
Departure saturday 20th of May 2017 until 13 am


- A place within a 6 bed dorm € 450,-
- Pitch for a tent € 540,- p.p.
- Pitch for a trailer € 565,- p.p.
- Rent a 1 to 2 persons tent including good mattress and bed sheets € 585,- p.p.
- Rent a 1 to 2 persons caravan € 645,- p.p.
- Four persons family room € 540,- p.p. (register with 4 people together)
- Three persons family room € 580,- p.p. (register with 3 people together)
- Double room € 645,- p.p. (couples only)
- Single room € 745,-

Prices are all inclusive, and cover the following:
- Course fees
- Accommodation
- 3 vegetarian meals per day
- Fruit, coffee and tea during the day
- Bed linen is provided in our tents, caravans and rooms, but bring your own towels with you.

Alcoholic drinks and extras are available at a small charge.

Video impression

Click here for a video impression of the Yoga lessons at Le Moulin.


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