27th of  July to 3rd of August 2019

A very exclusive Yoga gathering in the heart of France where you choose your personal program from no less than 9 different workshops every day! The festival is unique in its kind with only 50 like-minded participants ... 6 Yoga teachers ... 7 days of bliss... Everyone is welcome; whether you are a Yoga newbie or a well experienced yogi-yogini. Expect in-depth interactions, beautiful connections and unforgettable experiences.


In the daily offer you will find: Dru Yoga, Yin Yoga, Hatha yoga, Tantra yoga, Vinyasa yoga and Raja yoga. But also Duo / acro yoga, Burn out yoga, Mantra chanting, Tai Chi, breath work, various meditations, ecstatic dance and creative activities in the art studio such as creating dreamcatchers, intuitive painting and mandela drawing.

A professional team of yoga instructors work closely together in order to move you in their group sessions synchronically from earthly to ever-refined energy. During the week they follow the 5 elements cycle from earth to water, fire, air and ether.
The workshops focus at the beginning of the week on grounding, coming home in your body, and awareness of the here and now. In the middle of the week the practice focusses on balancing of the energy body and healing energy, to move gradually at the end of the week towards the experience of pure love: opening your heart to the people and the world around you, to an experience of unity, ecstacy and bliss.


Yoga, a way of life

The festival will inspire you to live to your full potential and celebrate life, to fully relax and to experience total freedom in embracing your true self. The meditations and exercises aim to be fully present in the here and now and to be in closer contact with your own inner core of pure light and love. This is achieved through a variety of meditations, different Yoga forms, emotional bodywork, breathwork and other exercises. You experience first hand which yoga form fits you best and the strength of the different yoga forms all together.


Some feedback from previous participants

I will move after this week. Moving to a larger house. A larger temple, my straitjacket does not fit anymore. I travel back home more freely and much lighter and happier. Chris

I can not describe the gratitude that I feel in my heart after this week in a few words. So I just leave it for now and stay in silence. In light and love. Veerle

A more than welcome deepening of my life. A good feeling. A very good feeling! (And a little muscle pain) Erik

What you create here is beautiful, pure. Thank you for letting me come home here in your yoga bubble. From here I continue my way - with the insights, the energy, the love in my backpack. Hilde

A breath of fresh air, yoga and consciousness on such a beautifull domain, surrounded and carried by love. I flourish. I feel great! Willem


Daily scedule

The festival starts with an opening ritual on the first evening. The program starts daily befor breakfast with a 1-hour varying morning workshop (morning yoga, Tai Chi, meditation, etc). Every day you can choose from three different yoga lessons (intermediate and advanced) in the morning at 10.30 and three different workshops in the afternoon starting at 3 o'clock. Each class lasts an average of 2 hours. Teachings take up to 7 hours a day. After dinner there is a varied evening program (Crystal Healing meditation, Mantra chanting, ecstatic dance, sauna, etc.).

8.00 to 9.00 - Pre morning program
10.30 to 12.30 - Morning program followed by lunch and a break
15.00 to 17.00 - Afternoon program
21.00 - evening program

Halfway through the week there is a free afternoon to fill in by yourself; go for a walk in the beautiful surroundings, lose yourself in a book from ther library, swim in the lake, sweat it out in the sauna, or simply lounge in a hammock and daydream about life.
Importantly, there is time and space to process whatever you have experienced throughout the day. Questions are never too much, and can be asked to Chandra or Wim.
Halfway through the week there is an afternoon free for your own interpretation. 
The week will be closed as a group on the final evening. After breakfast the following morning it is time to say goodbye. Or stay for another week for an in-depth training: Sadhaka Tantra Yoga course,  and the Art Week (dutch). You can also extend your stay with a week course prior to the festival: a, the Sadhaka Tantra Yoga course, the certified training Shiatsu massage and Pranic Healing and the Painting course (dutch) the training Nen Chi Nin yoga, the Anti Burnout holiday (dutch).


Who is this Festival for?

Everyone is welcome, because everyone can go a step further on their path of self realization, whether you are new to Yoga or a seasoned yogi / yogini.



Host and hostess of the festival in France are Raja yoga teacher Wim Molinello  and his life partner and art teacher Patricia Chandra Benjamins. Together with Yoga teachers Chris Knibbe (Vinyasa, duo yoga, Tai Chi), Michelle Tarenskeen (Yin yoga), Saarein Bodewes (Dru yoga, Burn out yoga), Tonko de Wind (De-armouring, body work, Chakra Expert) and 
Tessa Schiebroek (Hatha & Pranayama, Ashtanga and Chakra Yoga), they facilitate the various workshops. Keep an eye on the website for updates about the program and the teachers.


Wim Molinello & Patricia Chandra Benjamins

Saarein Bodewes

Tessa Schiebroek & Tonko de Wind

Chris Knibbe



Michelle Tarenskeen

Johan Raaimakers




You can book an individual session with the various trainers, masseurs and healers for an even deeper experience. Prices and booking on the spot.



The festival is held from Saturday, July 27 to August 3, 2019 when the weather is most pleasant with dry air and roughly +28 degrees.

Extend your stay with a week for an in-depth training: the Sadhaka Tantra Yoga course, the Tibetan Tantra Massage course, the certified training Shiatsu massage and Pranic Healing and a Painting course (dutch). You can also extend your stay with a week course prior to the festival: the Sadhaka Tantra Yoga course, the training Nen Chi Nin yoga, the Anti Burnout holiday (dutch) and an Art Week (dutch). Full board stays are also possible.


Prices are p.p. all inclusive (the course, 7 nights, all meals including drinks, fruit, coffee/tea, and evening activities). Alcoholic drinks are not included, but are available for a small price.

Earlybirdprice* / Standard price
6 person room (mixed): € 665,- / € 690,-
4 person room (family room): € 695,- / € 720,-
3 person room (family room): € 740,- / € 765,-
Double room (couples): € 800,- / € 825,-
Single room: € 900,- / € 925,-
Own tent: € 695,- / € 720,-
Own caravan/camper: € 720,- / € 745,-
1 or 2 person furnished tent: € 740,- / € 765,-
1 or 2 person furnished caravan: € 790,- / € 815,-

 * the earlybird price is valid until 31 March 2019


Video impression

Click here for a video impression of the location.