Renee and Jessica work together since years as Tantra facilitators specialized in tantra massage and yoni and lingam massage.  

Renee is a bodyworker in heart and soul.
She began as a fysiotherapist 28 years ago, which gave her a solid base and knowledge of the human body and its functions (and disfunctions).
When she felt she needed more space and time for her more private session she started her practice as masseuse and bodyworker.
She travelled a lot, especially to India, where she returned many times in winter for Vedanta teachings.
Over the years Tantric massage & bodywork became a wonderful add to her practice, because it goes much deeper and can heal on many layers.
Apart from tantric massage & bodywork sessions, Renee gives Pelvic Release session and yoni and lingam release.
She believes in a good balance between deep and serious work and adding a faire amount of joy and playfulness. She values a safe setting from where you can relax and (re)connect to yourself and others. Apart from private sessions Renee gives workshops in Mobilizing Awareness, Ritual play and especially enjoys giving the workshops tantra, yoni and lingam massage with here collegue and friend Jessica.


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Jessica has a mission to give everyone a solid grounding and connection with their own life force energy. She likes to work in full surrender with the energy of the heart, the body and the soul. As a tantra practitioner she offers bodywork sessions to man, woman and couples. She enjoys working with groups. She is a mother of 3 daughters and a nurse. Her professional spiritual path started with Ayurveda and while doing a lot of ayurvedic massage she felt a deep calling to follow the Tantric path. Her study began with the Rasayana Tantra Academy, followed by varies courses, mainly from Tantra teacher Anand Rudra. Her work is based on Tantra kriya yoga, an ancient technique in which breathwork is combined with bandha’s, mudra’s and asana’s. Her style of work is energetic, loving and strong.

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What you can expect in their workshops givenn at the Sadhaka Tantra festival:
ATKY - to warm up, get energy moving and connect us
Active meditations - to explore what’s going on in our…..?
Bodywork - connecting to our body’s, releasing overload of tension
Playing with Touch – Wheel of Consent based exercises
Ritual Play – expressing yourself play full, authentic, spontanious and…non-verbal
Tantra massage – learning to massage in a tantric way, using and moving life force energy
Yoni and Lingam massage 

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