Tantric dance facilitators at the Sadhaka Tantra festival  11th to 18th of August 2019


Rakesh is the initator of the Tantric Dance and familiar with tantra his whole life. Raised in an Osho commune he caries the teachings in his heart and soul.
He has a playful grounded way of teaching, and forms a beautiful team together with his beloved Elfriede. Her specialism is energetic bodywork and guiding people in deep transformations.
They share the passion to enlighten the world with aliveness, creativity and embodiment.


Tantric Dance and Tantra

Tantric Dance is a playful way to explore your masculine and feminine energy. One is guiding the dance, and one is receiving (blindfolded). In that way, your body shows you your contractions, patterns and blocks. You become naturaly conscious of the areas in your body where enrgy does not flow freely and you learn ways to breath and dance through them. In that way you will feel liberated and fully alive.

In the workshops during the Sadhaka Tantra Festival Rakesh and Elfriede combine the Tantric Dance with several tantric techniques, such as tantric touch, tantric breath and meditations.

For more information about their activities in The Netherlands: www.artofloving.nl

Or connect on facebook: www.facebook.com/tantrictouch ;  www.facebook.com/tantricdance



What I like so much about Elfriede and Rakesh, is that they don’t place themselves above the others. They also share from their own vulnerability which makes their teachings embodied. Bas

Elfriede and Rakesh are the embodiment of the masculine and feminine. But they also swap roles, which inspires me as a woman to sometimes stand strong in my masculine energy.  Iris

Tantric Dance gives me so much, also in my day to day life. Henk