Le Moulin d' Orsènnes
Patricia Benjamins and Wim Molinello
36190 Orsènnes
T: ++33 (0)980762430
Departement: Indre
GPS coördinaat: N 46º 29.154   E 001º 42.712
You'll find the mill on the D72 between Orsennes and Montchevrier. You can't miss it!


Travel information

To travel by plane, you can look for Paris, Limoges or Clermont Ferrand. The rail network runs from any of these cities to Chateauroux where you can get a local bus to us.
You can book your train ticket online: or
From Paris it costs between 35 and 45 euros to get to Chateauroux.
In Paris go via metro to Gare Austerlitz, the train station for Chateauroux. This is metro line 5 direction Place d'Italie.

Second and cheaper option is to travel by from several big cities in Europe to Chateauroux. From Paris to Chateauroux is f.e. just 10 euro!

In Europe you can also travel very cheaply (cheaper then train) with Megabus or Eurolines (bus). From northern Europe you go to Tours, from the south you go to Limoges, and then by train to Chateauroux.

From Chateauroux train station you go with a small local bus to Orsennes. When you walk out of the main station hall, the busses are to your left, behind the taxi station (gare routierre).The bus will drop you of directly at our place ' Le Moulin d'Orsennes' , right at our doorstep!
Bus leaves from Monday to Friday every 11.35; 17.30; 19.15 hours from bus stop number 8.
On Saturday at 11.35 and 19.15 hours. There are no buses on Sunday!! So arrange your train schedule so that you have a good connection with the bus, as there are not so many going every day!
Bus ticket = 2 euro, reservation needed at least 3 hours beforehand:   33 (0)800 778 621. if you don't speak French, we can make the reservation for you. Please simply email us your time of arrival in Chateauroux.

A lot of people hitch hike. You can make a safe hitch hike appointment in France on these websites: or

What to bring with you

Try to bring with you: a flashlight when you camp, your own towels, big towel or sari for on the yoga mat. There are bed sheets and covers on the beds, so you don't have to bring them yourself if you are not camping with your own tent.

Clothes: It can be between 15 to 25 degrees. So bring some sweaters and trousers, T-shirts and short pants.
Yoga clothes: comfortable jogging pants and long sleeve / T-shirt or sari.

There is a piano, 3 guitars, djembee, harmonium, squeezebox and bells, but if you have other instruments you play or sheet music, please if you can bring it with you;-)

There is free WIFI for your use.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions! And please get in contact with us again one week before your course, to let us know the details around your arrival.

Thanx!!! With love,
Patricia and wim