Course centre Le Moulin

We invite you to our holiday centre and home in the middle of France, Europe. Several weeklong and 14 day courses are organized at this beautiful location.

The Location

Sadhaka creates a wonderful healing place where you feel welcome, safe and at home. Rest is absolutely assured here. The spacious house and cozy terraces offer relax area’s, private/shared rooms and bathrooms. Beyond the terrace and hammock corner the site opens out to a vast green area comprising of open meadow, orchard and camp field. Solar panels provide hot water and electricity at Le Moulin and the veggie, fruit and berry garden most of the conscious vegetarian food that is served. The hammocks, wooden sauna and art sculptures are at the site to enjoy. For a swim you just jump in the lake with clean swimming water or take a dip in the small river that surrounds the whole area.

Le Moulin, a former watermill dating back to the late 19th century, is made up of four buildings that have been completely renovated including all modern comforts yet preserving the authentic French country atmosphere. The property of five hectares is uniquely situated amidst nature, just a 15-minute drive from the town of Eguzon. The scenic surroundings offer many opportunities for nature walks.



The Moulin itself displays a range of accommodation. We offer private, single and double rooms as well as a 6, 3 and 4 person bedroom. All with ample shared toilet and shower facilities. Next to the mill is the campsite where you can pitch your tent or caravan. You can also rent a 1 or 2 person tent or a Sadhaka caravan, furnished with comfortable mattresses, and fresh bed linen. Very handy when you have no tent but love being outdoors, or if you travel with a lot of luggage.

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Course Rooms

The main course room is situated on the top floor of the Moulin. A bright and spacious space for yoga and meditation sessions. A new multifunctional space above the barn has just opened also perfect for mindful and spiritual practises and there is a third course room created above the middle building called "de Deel". The art atelier is used for creative workshops. In good weather we love to take our yoga and meditation classes outdoors. Professional yoga mats, meditation cushions, benches and chairs are freely available.

Food and drinks

The accommodation is equipped with a professional kitchen and large Salle à manger (dining room). Three healthy vegetarian/vegan meals are prepared daily with love by our cook, and served as a buffet. Organic vegetables and herbs come fresh from the neighbours perma culture garden. Tea, coffee and fruits are all day waiting for you. Or pick your own fruit from the orchard and berry garden. There is a separate tea table decorated with more than 15 artisan teas to choose from. At breakfast and lunch, juice, milk and soy milk are served. Bread is baked on site from home ground organic whole grain and homemade organic muesli is served at breakfast. Eggs come from our free range chickens who scratch happily around the area. Create your own pizza and watch as it's baked in the authentic French wood-fired bread oven. The weeks at Le Moulin stand under the sign of detoxification; healthy food results into a healthy body & mind.
Smoking is only permitted outside in a specially designated place. To endur the Sadhaka familly feeling we ask you to help twice a week behind the scenes (only for weekly courses). This consists of 1 hour together cutting vegetables in the kitchen and one hour together clearing and cleaning the kitchen after dinner.

Group size

Course groups are maximized at 25 people, having 2 to 3 courses at the same time, with a total maximum of 50 people. For the Yoga and Tantra Festival we have availability upto 50 patricipants.
The permanent staff typically consists of three teachers, five volunteers, a masseur and a cook.


A group holiday is social, and there are many beautiful mutual contacts and exchanges of experiences. To give you the experience of silence, nature and finding peace within yourself in a group we have silence every morning until 10am. The morning becomes a valuable moment of the day, to wake up relaxed and peaceful.



Click here for a video impression of a holiday at Sadhaka.