September and October 2019

A Tantrica is someone who has an open heart, who is present with oneself, the other and their surroundings. They are conscious about what life has to offer and have a zest for life. Every situation is an opportunity to develop oneself, to give and to be open to the wonders of life.

After more than 15 years of experience in summer retreats and courses, its time for Sadhaka to take it to the next level…!

Many times we have people coming for summer holiday courses who like it so much that they really don’t want to go home but wanting to extend their stay! And that’s exactly what we want to share with you.

We are very excited to announce that after this summer course season 2019, we start straight away with our first Sadhaka community.
And you can share in this experience together with us and make the Sadhaka dream, and yours, come true!


Why we are starting this community?

This community is based on Acient Tantra Yoga philosophy which means: “WE ARE ALL ONE”. We will all connect on a deep spiritual level with each other. Helping and guiding each other to connect with the source. No boundaries, no limitations, no expectations, no judgments. Just completely free! But with respect for all. You can finally express your true self and there is only one GOLDEN RULE: ” that includes all living beings, nature and of course… our community.”

Living together by 3 principles:

- Be loving towards yourself
- Be loving towards the people around you
- Be loving towards your environement

If you want to read more about what Tantra is all about click here.


Chris Knibbe and Michelle Tarenskeen, your guides into the community

Since a couple of years Chris and Michelle have a lovely and deep collaboration with the owners of Sadhaka Chandra (Patricia) & Wim. 
"Since several years we (together with a lot of volunteers) stay the whole course season with our camper van at the Moulin Sadhaka retreat center, giving our courses and treatments to the guests. During these intens weeks in main season it already feels like being part of a small community. Somebody is cooking, another one is taking care of the laundry, somebody is doing the dishes and another one is gardening. And we love it, and it tastes like more!

The nice thing about the upcomming Sadhaka community is that we will work together, which makes work much more easy and more fun. And you will learn a lot because of the exchange of knowledge: everybody brings in their own particular life skills, for you to learn from and take your adventage of.

In the winter we’ve spend our time in Asia with a group of conscious people practicing Tantra, Yoga, meditation and more. It gives a boost of energy just being surrounded by a lovely carrying family who supports, nourishes and grounds you. If you are in need of anything there is always somebody who will guide you.
You are never alone. That is the benefit from communities… You can SHARE everything all the time. But if you don’t feel like? You are totally free to stay with yourself as well without being judged or criticized. And the Sadhaka domain is the perfect place for your community life experience. It is a beautiful green area surrounded by a small river, with clean air, silence, water from own source, vegetables from the perma culture garden of the neighbours, hot water and electricity from solar pannels, a sauna, 3 yoga halls and a terrain big enough to find time and space to just be, far away from society, in a safe bubble!

What are the activities in this Ashram?

 Everyday we will start the day with our sadhana what will be a meditation, yoga or tai chi class.
 We have breakfast together
 You will spend 3 hours a day doing your karma yoga ( gardening, cleaning, cooking etc)
 We have lunch together
 You have some free time in the afternoon for sharing, relaxing etc. or you have a shift in the afternoon with karma yoga (for example preparing the dinner) and free time in the morning.
 Daily we have a sharing during dinner
 There will be an evening program which can be meditation, tantra, yoga, sauna, men/ woman sharing.

For whom is this community?

 All conscious people who just want to escape the hectic modern world for a while and deeply connect with people on similar mindset and lifestyles.
 Travelers who want to settle down for a while and stay on 1 place and don’t have to think about accommodation and food for a period of time ;)
 All who are interested in a community life but never experienced it before; this is the best place for a try out!
 Spiritual seekers interested in tantra, yoga, meditation, healing, healthy food etc… and want to become a volunteer.
 People who want to learn about how to become self-sustained. And there is so much to do here that you will learn a lot of new skills. (for example did u know that the owner is a bee keeper too?)
 Or if you just want to have a small (or big) sabbatical from work and want to relax and do nothing and just be surrounded by a bunch of loving and carrying people? More than welcome!
 Burnout or too much stress? This is the perfect place for a rehab… as we are with a team of well-experienced teachers, masseurs and healers so you will get pampered and go back to your home as a different person!


Which options are there if I want to be part of this community?

This is a simple answer because there are just 2 options: Either you become a volunteer of the community or you come as a guest and have a nice holiday doing nothing 

If I choose to become a volunteer for the community what will I do?

One of the reasons why we can keep the prices of this community extremely low? Because we have no ‘official staff’ except us ;) so that means that we really count on you as a volunteer! NO worries, if you never tried this before... we will explain you everything!

 daily cleaning work of communal and guest areas. (rooms, bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, living room, dishes etc.)
 gardening
 cooking or assisting in the kitchen
 preparing bread, muesli and other healthy foods. (no worries, we will teach you  )
 teaching classes sharing your knowledge and professional skills in areas fitting the philosophy of the community like health, spirituality, self-sustainability can become part of your volunteer work as well (this will go in consultation with us)
 starting a new project which is helpful for the Sadhaka community….
 so feel free to come up with new ideas!


What will be my donation fee for the community?

As we mentioned before, we keep the prices low so more people can benefit and experience this community also if your budget is small.

I will come as a volunteer

 The minimum stay for volunteers is two weeks. (so the first days we will help you and explain everything).
 You will sleep in a room which is available for that moment. Options are: dormitory, double rooms, single rooms and caravan.
 Fee for 2 weeks: €225, which comes to only 16 euros total per day!!  For a month it is €450.
 Includes: Accommodation, 3 vegetarian meals a day, tea/coffee
 If you commit by arrival to a stay of 2 months you pay €850 so €50 discount.


I will come as a guest

 The minimum stay for guests is one week.
 You are free to join all the activities at the Ashram if you like.
 Includes your accommodation and 3 vegetarian meals a day.
 You have the option to make a special reservation for a (private) room.
 Weekly fee: €237.50. Monthly fee €950
 If you take a small sabbatical from society (which we support of course!), and wish to stay for 2 months, you pay €1800 so €100 discount.



What an amazing experience staying at Wim and Chandras! I really had the opportunity to learn about myself and about Tantra here. The experience of living in community, practicing Tantra, helping out in this marvellious center was so rewarding for me. The workload was reasonable and you were really given the opportunity to progress and evolve on so many levels.
Many thanks to you both for this life changing experience. Forever grateful to you for introducing me to all the lovely people I met through the community. Ayda, april 2019

One of the best experiences of my life where I learned so much about love and life ! This tantric community will change you forever and I'm so thankful for all the beautiful people I met here, for Chandra and Wim for creating this magical place and welcoming me here. The tantra dances, yoga, meditation under full moon, conversations around the fire, stargazing, the hugs, love and honesty... I will never forget! Working together was also so much fun!! Merci merci merci! <3 <3 <3  Aida, april 2019

Its hard putting into words just how valuable and profound my two weeks with Wim and Chandra were. It was life changing and dare I say one of the greatest experiences of my life. I learnt many lessons from Wim and Chandra and I'm very grateful to both of them for everything they taught me especially for introducing me to tantra. I never thought i'd feel so close to so many other people, they have all showered me with so much love. thank you guys! Omar, april 2019

My two weeks here were some of the best of my life :) that's the best way to sum up my time there. The house and space around it is a haven, it's almost like a micro-country, hidden away from the rest of the world and of "normal life". 

I can't speak highly enough of the incredible environment that Chandra and Wim offer here - I met people that I got to know better in two weeks than I would have done in two years back at home. I had SO much fun, experienced so much love and non-judgement and feel so lucky to have contributed to the re-creation of a space where others will be able to continue their own journeys. I'm so grateful for the time I spent here and I hope to go back in the future.

If this website has caught your eye and you feel in any way drawn to this place and what Chandra and Wim are offering, stop thinking and just GO! You will not regret it :) Chloe, april 2019


Do's &  Dont's

Here are some things to leave at home or to think about in respect to others:


- There are guitars and djembees, but if you have (other) instruments you play, please if you can bring it with you for jamming around the fire and mantra chantings;-).

- Bring white clothes for meditation, comfortable clothes for yoga and tantra practice, warm clothes because the nights are cold, warm socks or indoor slippers make it comfy, shower slippers, own towels, organic shampoos. Bedding is provided.

- Bring enough cash money with you as there is no ATM near by.

- We like exchange! so feel inspired to bring in all your skills, knowledge and experiences, that helps the community to grow in conciousnes. The program will be full of joy and play that can only be explained by experience.

- There is (slow) WIFI and no signal at the domain, you can find the best connection in the community with the people around you;-)


- We are a place for personal growth. Therefor we don't want alcohol or drugs on our terrain/in your body. We aim for a natural high <3

- You need to be in physical good health. You are not or have not been recently under psychological treatment, or on psychiatric medications.
Please find another place if you cannot find yourself in this choice. Please come if you are looking for a clean and healthy place to be.

- No pets aloud on the premises. Our 3 cats, 15 chickens and 7 doves love the peace of their own teritory.

Connection is key and possible in the following ways:


With any questions that could not be answered by the website, or to apply to take part of the community please don’t hesitate to contact us by email:

Management Sadhaka Ashram: Michelle & Christian

Social Media

Please join our Private Facebook group: Sadhaka Community, to connect with our tribe and share your love before the community life at Le Moulin kick´s off.