Sadhaka is a small scale course organization, founded in 2005 by Dutch couple Patricia Chandra Benjamins (art teacher) and Wim Molinello (yoga teacher). Their Center for personal growth is found in the green French countryside 2,5 hours south of Paris. The 4 hectare domain called Le Moulin counts four buildings and accommodates up to 50 guests. The creative,yoga and tantra courses are aimed at raising awareness and self-development. A course at Sadhaka is a beautiful get together where you and your presence contribute in a space where everyone is an integral part of the whole.You will leave Sadhaka with more than just a nice holiday feeling.


Sometime in 2003, we Patricia Chandra Benjamins and Wim Molinello, had a moment of reflection. We looked back and ahead of us and our lives. We both had a full time job, a career. Everything was arranged to the grave. We asked each other the question: Do we want this? Are we living to our full potential? Then we put down our vision clearly. The key words "work, individuality, career and money", we transformed into "involvement, ecological, spirituality and creativity".
We exchanged the Netherlands for France; the city life for a life close to nature. We went from working for money and career goals to living in the moment and paying attention to each other and our surroundings.
For us, Sadhaka became a place to bring people together in an environment where these values count.

What's in a name

The name Sadhaka comes from Sanskrit, the old Indian language. A Sadhaka is a spiritual seeker, someone who arranges his life to achieve his ultimate ideal goal: union with the Supreme/Divine.




It is overwhelming to consider that since the start of Sadhaka in 2004, simply from our wish and intention, an energy was put into motion, which has now become a living organism, kindled up, palpable and growing by itself.

A trainee brings this feeling in these words:

"So much warmth, so much love and connection. It is like a warm bath where you want to stay in forever. From day one I regularly had the following verse in my head:
"I wish you a piece of heaven, hands full of sunlight and warmth and love of the people around you."
This is one of the most beautiful songs I know and it is exactly that Sadhaka feeling which is always so difficult to put into words, but what this verse to me comes  very close to.
Dear Wim and Patricia, you have with love and conviction, confidence and perseverance put down a brilliant concept. You may feel very proud of what you together accomplished. Fascinating to see how you guys every day are completely there again, full of new energy. I think it's great that everyone was so kind to themselves this week, and opened themselves completely. Together we have created a very beautiful atmosphere. The battery is charged again and we can look back on a great retreat. I love you guys! With love, Leonie.

Another trainee writes about her experience at Sadhaka:

"From the moment you are born, you're dying. The clock is ticking backwards until you leave this earth again, says Wim on day 1. That sets well down what it is all about: enjoying life and not making it harder than it is. Here I experienced how easy and wonderful life can be. Supple (through yoga), inspired (by the people and nature) and released (by the flow of my creative energy) I go back home from here. Many thanks for your efforts to create a place where people like me can find themselves (again). An environment here. To become a bit closer to the core. Until next year! Love Astrid."

This sharing is something we want to continue to do for a long time!
We therefore welcome you to join us on one of our Tantra yoga courses in France.

Chandra and Wim