Tantra is often unfortunately a practice which has been globally misunderstood. So first things first: Tantra is not just about erotic sex, massages, and something only for couples.

The philosophy of Tantra teaches us that sexual energy situated in the 2 lowest chacra’s is our main life force energy. Through intense meditations and powerful exercises we can transform this sexual energy into higher, more refined forms of energy, a springboard to higher states of consciousness. With Tantra, the mind, body and spirit are brought into harmony; you feel healthier, more powerful and are able to shine your true light. Life with Tantra will make you feel free, taking away the mental boxes that we, and society build for ourselves. Tantra has the power to release deep desires and heal sexual issues.

Tantra teaches you to give up all attachments; defining yourself by your gender, where you come from, where you’ve been, and what you do. Instead Tantra allows you to see beyond these labels which you’ve collected through your life, and to see yourself as a whole – one with everything surrounding you. The world and the beings surrounding you, are an extension of you. The Tantrica wants to experience life in its full potential and thus includes sexuality. Tantrism teaches us to harnesses our sexual energy so we can expand our life force energy. Tantra yoga teaches us to improve our sexuality by striving for unconditional love and unity. In our current society and in most religions we ignore, supress and even shame our sexuality, this creates distance within ourselves and with our loved ones.

Tantra is not trying to supress, control or destroy the ego. Tantra is taking good care of the ego, so that we don’t have to live in fear or frustration. By doing so our Divine-self rises. Every time we meet our true nature we cherish this moment and expand as much as we can.
Many students start with Tantra to learn techniques to improve their sex life. With Tantra we dive deep into the other and go beyond the physical state. Our partner is not just a body to satisfy the desire of the ego but a doorway for two souls connecting to the divine. There is a true connection on the highest plane, a orgasmic divine unity, Mahamudra.
The hardest part of a Tantrica is to recognize his / hers beliefs and patterns and to let go …
Only by living purely the truth can be discovered.

Tantra for you

Tantra is a path of awareness. It is giving you the opportunity to go deep inside yourself and meet the core of your being. Without any limitations or preconceptions. There is no taboo in Tantra, therefore you can discover every aspect of your being. Every emotion, every desire, every fear is welcome. It’s the fuel for your transformation. There are no limitations, except the ones that you put upon yourself. To unravel your deepest secrets, you need courage. Tantra gives you the tools to explore your true being.
Tantra encourages you to develop your heart-energy, to feel the unconditional love for yourself which leads to opening up to others, especially those close to your heart.

A Tantrica is someone who …
- has the curiosity of a child and the enthusiasm of a teenager;
- has the passion for life as a responsible adult;
- is free as an enlightened being

A Tantrica is someone who has an open heart, who is present with oneself, the other and their surroundings. They are conscious about what life has to offer and have a zest for life. Every situation is an opportunity to develop oneself, to give and to be open to the wonders of life.